What's the difference between Mosaics & Wine classes and Mosaic Workshops?

Mosaics & Wine is a fun and creative intro to glass mosaic art. Sip some wine, enjoy a craft beer (if you choose) and create a beautiful mosaic in just one session in a very social environment. Emphasis on the fun!

Mosaic Workshops are more intensive, multi-session and intended to teach mosaic art skills and techniques in more of a classroom environment. Emphasis on the learning!

NO ADULT BEVERAGES are allowed in Mosaic Workshops.

What should I wear to Mosaics and Wine?

Because your instructor will be doing the grouting work, you will not need to wear an apron or gloves. However, you will be working with adhesives so you should wear something you wouldn't mind getting glue on.

Will I be replicating a specific mosaic piece?

No, each person will create their unique own mosaic art. Tessarare (the mosaics pieces) will be available in an array of colors, so you will be able to choose how your piece looks. You can choose a color palette to match your home decor, or favorite team, school or sorority colors! You personalize your creation.

What if I'm not creative or "artsy"?

Not a problem. Samples will be available at Mosaics and Wine class.

You can choose one to replicate, with the artist's instruction.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

Yes, all classes and workshops have limited seats. You will need to register and pre-pay on the website under "Reserve Your Spot". LOOK FOR YOUR PAYPAL CONFIRMATION EMAIL to verify that your registration was complete!

Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay for my class/workshop?

No, once you have clicked the "Pay Now" button you can click on "Use Debit/Credit Card" button OR "Don't Have a Paypal Account" button. Then enter your credit card payment information knowing that Paypal keeps your information safe .

Can I pay with a check?

Sure. Just e-mail me for payment info. LOOK FOR A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM ME verifying that I have received your check and reserved your spot. nancy@mosaicsgarden.com

Are food and wine included in the class price?

No. Indiana law, requires an alcohol permit to include wine in the class fee. Soho Cafe serves wine and craft beers in addition to coffees, teas and smoothies. Their offerings also include sandwiches, appetizers and desserts.

There is no obligation to purchase food or beverages.

May I bring my own adult beverages to class?

No. Once again, Indiana liquor laws are quite restrictive with public events, therefore I will not allow any adult beverages to be brought in by students.

Must participants be over 21?

No. Soho is a cafe (not a bar ) so there is no age restriction to enter. They offer wine/beer, if you choose and of course anyone drinking must be over 21 years.

Coffee, teas and soft drinks are available.

The class is appropriate for ages 13 and over. Childcare is not provided so please plan ahead.

Do you offer private " Mosaics and Wine" classes?

Yes. I would need a minimum of 15 attendees. E-mail: nancy@mosaicsgarden.com to check availability and discuss additional details.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will be happy to issue a full refund for Mosaics and Wine class with 48 hour minimum notice of cancellation.

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