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In -Studio Tempered Glass Mosaic Workshop
SOLD OUT already !

E-mail for wait list

btw.. the On-Line Tempered Glass Workshop NEVER sells out.


$265 workshop size limited to 9 students

3 sessions/ Beginner to Intermediate Level

Saturday, November 16- noon to 5pm

Sunday, November 17, 1pm to 5pm

Monday, November 18- 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Located in private mosaic art studio/ Carmel IN

Let your creativity flow! with lots of mixed media and crash glass fun.

You'll create an 11"x14" sparkling Tempered Glass mosaic work of art.

Learn my technique to creating glittering mixed media, collage style mosaic art by combining layers of paints and papers with clear textured and tempered crash glass. I will introduce you to an innovative heat set adhesive and teach my methods of custom tinting and combining grouts.

All materials and tool usage included in workshop fee.

Perfect for mosaic beginners. No glass cutting skills required. Experienced mosaic artists will love this technique too !

Can"t make it to my studio?

Check out the new On Line Tempered Glass workshop


3 Dimensional Pique Assiette Mosaic Workshop

SOLD OUT- e-mail for wait list

Beginner to intermediate level

Located in private mosaic art studio/ Carmel IN ( address e-mailed to you after registration )

class size limited to 9

Saturday, September 28- noon to 5pm

Sunday, September 29- 1pm to 5pm

Tuesday, October 1 - 6:30pm to 9pm

$310-- 3 sessions

This is a "beginner friendly" workshop. But experienced mosaic-ists will also enjoy learning how to create this style.

 No Hammers !

       Students will develop their own personal design and create a three dimensional mosaic "bouquet" using crockery, plates, bowls, cups and assorted ceramics.

Learn how to safely use mosaic hand tools to cut, nip, shape and grind tesserae

( mosaic pieces ) from crockery; how to mix and use thinset mortar adhesive; how to achieve dimension; pique assiette setting techniques; how to blend color, form and texture; techniques to properly grout and finish a challenging 3D mosaic; how to use power tools to cut crockery.  An assortment of coffee cups, mugs and vases will be pre-cut and ready for your creation.

                                    Get Hands-on experience grouting.

        Class fee is all inclusive - artist's instruction and all materials: 11" x 14" barnwood frame with lightweight substrate and hanging hardware, large assortment of crockery and ceramics, adhesives, grouts and studio tool usage. Feel free to bring any special crockery to include in your mosaic.

      * Note- we'll be working with hand tools, so hand strength is essential


Glass on Glass Mosaic Window Workshop SOLD OUT

New Workshop coming Winter 2020

Beginner to intermediate level*


Class size limited to 9

3 sessions

Saturday, July 20- noon to 5pm,

Sunday, July 21- 1pm to 5pm

Monday July 22 6pm to 8pm

Located in private mosaic art studio /Carmel IN.

**"Workshop pre-requisitesome glass cutting/ stained glass experience. Or my

"Glass Cutting Skills for Mosaic Art" class will be excellent prep for this workshop. 

This is a "start to finish" workshop.

    Fee includes ALL supplies, gorgeous art glass, framed glass substrate

and use of mosaic studio hand tools.

12 x12 framed glass "window", gorgeous cathedral glass, NoDays adhesives

and mosaic studio tool usage.

     Quality mosaic hand tools will be available for purchase at the Workshop, if you prefer to have your own.

   The goal of this mosaic workshop is to teach a basic skill set so you can create projects on your own... AND have a good time!

If you're new to mosaics ... no worries, I'll teach you.

If you're an experienced mosaic-ist, we can tailor your design to your skill level.

You'll have a fun and I'll show you some new techniques.

     You will create a beautiful framed abstract glass mosaic "window".

Become experienced using glass cutting and shaping tools.  Learn a variety of tesselations/ mosaic setting styles. You'll be introduced to a

new innovative heat set adhesive called No Days.

Get hands on experience with grouting and finishing your mosaic.

Glass Cutting Skills for Mosaic Art class 

SOLD OUT- new class coming Winter 2020


July 16

One session/ located in private mosaic art studio/ Carmel IN

6pm to 9pm

Learn to cut glass specifically for mosaic art applications.
We will NOT create a mosaic art project in this class.

This class is a foundation for anyone wanting to begin creating glass mosaic art. And it's an excellent prep for glass mosaic workshops.
Nancy will present different types of glass applicable to mosaic art.
Practice using a variety of mosaic hand tools. Cut and shape art glass, mirror,  vit glass tiles, recycled glass, Van Gogh glass, molded glass and crystal glass.

Lots of practice !

Learn to create templates and "break down" designs for mosaics. 
Class fee includes instruction, all  "practice glass",  mosaic tool usage, and safety glasses.
Quality mosaic tools will be available to purchase, if you prefer to have your own tools. 


Mandala Mosaic Art Design Workshop ~ Sold Out

New Workshop coming Winter 2020

4 sessions/ located in Nancy's Mosaic Studio/ Carmel, IN

Saturday, August 24- noon to 5pm

Sunday, August 25 -1pm to 5pm

Monday, August 26 ( optional.. as needed )

Tuesday, August 27- 6pm to 8:30pm

Beginner to intermediate level

(designs will be tailored to each student's skill level )


Class size limited to 9

 Explore mandala geometry in contemporary mosaic art.

Students will individually design and create their own 18"  glass mosaic art wall hanging or table top.

Learn to design with compass/ protractor. Use mosaic hand tools to cut and shape vit glass tiles to individualize your creation.

Grout and finish in the final session.

                             Get hands-on experience grouting

Fee includes ALL materials ( substrate, mirror, glass, adhesives, grouts )

and mosaic hand tool usage.

Wrought iron tables legs additional charge.

Prefer to have your own mosaic tools?

Quality mosaic hand tools available for purchase at class


Mixed Media Mosaic Butterfly Workshop 

Sold Out

New Workshop coming Winter 2020

Beginner to Intermediate Level


3 Sessions/ located in Nancy's Mosaic Studio/ Carmel IN

Saturday, March 23- noon to 5pm

Sunday, March 24- 1pm to 5pm

Monday, March 25- 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Class size limited to 9

 This workshop is designed for fun AND learning.

Perfect for mosaic beginners. And experienced mosaic artists will love all the creative choices.

Create your own large 18" mosaic butterfly. Explore design opportunities with a wide variety of mosaic materials ( tesserae ) and learn mosaic art techniques. 

Learn about different kinds of art glasses and how to cut, shape them for your design. l'll teach you how to combine materials and setting styles to make your mosaic truly your own. You'll grout and finish your mosaic butterfly in the final session.

Fee includes ALL materials ( substrate, mirror, wide variety of art glasses and embellishments, adhesives, grouts )and mosaic hand tool usage.

Prefer to have your own mosaic tools?

Quality mosaic hand tools available for purchase at class

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